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Securities Registration Service
  • (2013-05-02)

       Since paperless trading is available in the modern securities market, the delivery of physical securities no longer exists. But how does it reflect the securities holder and the change of holder? The securities registration service offered by the CSDC is exactly the solution. When an investor concludes a transaction on securities buying, the CSDC modifies the register of securities holders based on the transaction results. In this way, the investor becomes the legal holder of the securities.
       Moreover, securities registration also serves as an important link connecting securities issuers and holders. With securities registration, the securities issuer is aware of the register of securities holders and, based on that, distributes dividends, bonus shares and right issuing to holders, etc. On the other hand, securities holders may claim to exercise the rights of an owner depending on the results of securities registration as evidence.
       In essence, the securities registration service is entrusted by issuers and serves for issuers. Apart from listed issuers, securities issuers also include those to be listed and unlisted ones. Securities registration services by different circulation links fall into initial registration, change of registration, withdrawal of registration and other relevant services.
       The initial registration of securities includes the registration of the IPO, warrant issuing, fund raising, issuing of enterprise bonds, corporate bonds and book-entry treasury bonds as well as secondary issuing, right issuing, raising more capital for funds, etc. 

       For securities that are listed in the exchange market, the change of securities registration includes registration of centralized trading transfer, non-centralized trading transfer and other forms, among which, the most common change of registration is the centralized trading transfer, i.e. the CSDC modifies the register of holders based on the change of holders upon centralized trading in the exchange market.
       For securities that are delisted in the exchange market, CSDC will handle formalities of registration for withdrawing securities from the exchange market for issuers.
       Other services in connection with registration include queries on register of securities holders, interest distribution, network voting, etc.

       In order to standardize securities registration services, prevent securities registration risks and protect the legitimate interests of investors, the CSDC has issued the Securities Registration Rules of the China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited.


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